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Empowering Communities: Our Climate Action Journey

Being heavily involved in trying to ensure a just transition with communities at its very heart, NESCAN Hub was heartened to be approached, along with the third sector interfaces in the region, to put together a community event with the Scottish Parliamentary Committee for Economy and Fair Work.


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On Monday 6th November, the members of the Parliamentary Committee met with around 40 local community members. Discussions centred around what community members felt a just transition would look like and how they felt about the impact of the Just Transition Fund. Good food and conversation flowed with the discussion continuing into the official sitting of the Committee in Aberdeen in the afternoon. The first time the Committee had sat outside Edinburgh.

Alison, Hub Manager, gave expert evidence to the Committee stressing the important of a regional vision and plan for a just transition that was created with communities, alongside all the other actors in our region. Taking a co-creational approach is vital to making sure we have a just transition and Alison took this message to the Climate Summit in Edinburgh on the 8th & 9th November, where she was part of the panel discussing what action we need to take to ensure we meet our 2045 net zero target as a nation.

Following on from this Alison met with Labour party leaders, Keir Starmer, Anas Sawar, Ian Murray and Sarah Boyack at a reception at RGU, where she once again spoke on the need to ensure a holistic approach to a just transition was taken with communities at its heart. Speaking to those who hold positions of power with the messages and views from our members and local communities is a vital part of NESCAN Hub’s work and role and whenever we can NESCAN Hub takes the opportunity to ensure that decisions are made by and with the communities and community action is supported and developed.

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