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  • Empowering Communities: Our Climate Action Journey

    Being heavily involved in trying to ensure a just transition with communities at its very heart, NESCAN Hub was heartened to be approached, along with the third sector interfaces in the region, to...

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  • Upcycle Fashion Workshop at Udny Climate Action and Threads and Yarns

    Imagine a room bustling with excited kids during their summer break, all ears as they learn about a big problem - fast fashion hurting our planet. Now picture racks of pre-loved clothes, accessories,...

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  • Empowering Communities: £1.5 million funding for green projects in the Northeast

    Climate change is a global challenge that demands collective action at all levels of society. As we strive for a sustainable future, it is essential to empower communities and provide them with the...

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  • Climate action hub network set to expand across Scotland

    The Scottish Government has recently launched an application process for other climate action networks and organisations across Scotland to apply to become a Regional Community Climate Action Hub,...

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  • October Blog: Just Transition Participatory Budgeting Fund

    Green participatory budgeting fund means that communities will have the opportunity to put forward carbon-reducing local projects!

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  • North East Scotland Communities: Our Green Journey Film

    We are proud to partner with Station House Media Unit (SHMU) to create and present our latest film exploring and highlighting the amazing climate action projects happening throughout the North East,...

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