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It's Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day & we are loving this work by Gabrielle Reith - it could not be clearer in saying that we need to stop consuming & abusing the earth & we still have time but need to act quickly!

Gabrielle and her family have been making small changes to help our Earth, and you can too!

"There’s loads of small changes that we’ve made recently as a family- solid shampoo, turning off the microwave, tv & oven at the wall, cleaning with only bicarbonate & vinegar, litter picks, make do & mend, planting trees & wild flowers, reporting pollution & fly tipping, salvage what you can, get involved in action locally, etc…

There is a great Scottish Government loan scheme for buying electric bikes & cars & for heating & home insulation."

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How can you get involved this Earth Day?

Take a look at our Getting Started page on tips how to take climate action both as an individual or as a group.